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Overcoming 1st Time Leadership Pitfalls

How to Make a Great 1st Impression, Deliver Outstanding Results Quickly, Act Like a Pro from the Get-Go Without Wasting Months to Make a Smooth Transition & Excel in Your New Leadership Position with No or Little Leadership Experience

"Get your first-time leadership role on the right foot with this excellent guide from Assegid Habtewold! With the latest leadership insights and tools and tips to make a smooth transition, you can feel confident moving into your new leadership role. A must read!" - Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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"Within the first 24 months of taking a new position, 60% of new supervisors fail."
Corporate Executive Board (CEB)
From The Desk of Dr. AZ
Germantown, MD USA

Dear Friend,

Just formed your own new business or landed your first leadership role, and the pressure is getting to you? Are you worried about letting your team down? 

If you said YES, you are most probably being infected with 1st timer syndrome without even being aware. 

If you don’t overcome this syndrome quickly, you will end up joining those 60 % first-time new leaders before you.

But no worries, I'll give you my Amazon's #1 bestseller "Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome" eBook for a nominal price. The book will empower you to beat the syndrome immediately, make a smooth transition, and excel in your new role. 

But you have to hurry in. We ONLY sent 100 copies to the shipment company. 

Rush to grab your copy for just $1...
As you can see from the above statistics from CEB, the majority of first timers fail. It is unfortunate. It could have been avoided.

Here is the tragedy:

Many organizations throw their first-timers into deep water and watch to see if they swim or sink. 

They either don't care or don't know how to properly equip their new supervisors and managers before promoting them. They fail to set them up to succeed in their first-time leadership role from the get go. 
  • That is why you shouldn't depend on chance and wait another 24 months to see if you can survive or not while you can take sure steps TODAY that can propel you not just to survive but also thrive in the aftermath of your first-time leadership experience.
  • ​You shouldn't swim by yourself and solo while you have available support- I'm offering it right HERE.
  • ​You shouldn't allow your new leadership role to affect your confidence, health, relationships, and performance negatively while you can do something about it NOW.
  • ​You shouldn't leave your Leadership or Entrepreneurship destiny to chance while you can take matters into your hands and make a smooth transition and excel in your new leadership role QUICKLY.
That is why even if your organization isn't supporting you as you make the transition, you should help yourself. You should:
  • ​Make a quick mindset shift from an employee mentality to a leadership mentality and be in charge from the get-go.
  • ​Build positive psychology, demonstrate unshakable confidence, and lead your team while holding your head up.
  • ​Develop the necessary competencies proving any doubter wrong, showing them that you're up to the task. 
  • ​Use the latest leadership models, tools, strategies, and tactics to over-deliver and assert yourself as a winner.
  • ​Mold your personality to fit the position you occupy and feel comfortable in your own skin from the get-go.
  • ​Quickly build your new team and get along with other stakeholders well to be perceived as a trustworthy captain. 
  • ​Set SMART goals right out of the gate and continually increase the performance of your team consistently. 
  • ​Put in place systems to track your and your team's progress so that you fight complacency head-on.
  • Grow your team, raise leaders, coach, and mentor to sustain growth and scale. 
  • ​By doing the above, achieve undeniable results, make a smooth transition, and excel at your new role. And I'm here to help...
Hi, my name is Dr. Assegid Habtewold. Just call me AZ. 

As you can tell from my name, I'm not originally from the US. I came from Ethiopia to the US in 2005. I now live in Maryland. I'm an author, coach, facilitator, and speaker at Success Pathways, LLC.

I was born in one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia. Given from where I began my journey and how far I've come, it is humbling to see myself where I'm in life. Today, I inspire, challenge, equip, and empower leaders of world-class organizations in the US and overseas. 

Using my decade of experience as a learning professional with a solid track record in diverse industries, I'm here to support you like thousands of new leaders I've been empowering over the years. I wrote this book to help first-timers like yourself.

The book became Amazon’s #1 bestseller within a week of its release and garnered the support of many thought leaders, educators, and consultants in the field of management and leadership, such as:
1. Marshall Gold Smith, 
2. Eddie Turner, 
3. David Burkus, and 
4. Sylvia Baffour, and many more leadership experts (Scroll down to READ some of the endorsements...)

I want to give you the eBook with a nominal fee. I wish I had had this book when I was starting out. I wouldn't have suffered needlessly. I could have prevented or, at least, lessened the impacts of the syndrome against me, my teams, and the organizations I was serving. I:
-Worried so much, 
-Spent sleepless nights, 
-Experienced toxic conflicts, 
-Stressed out, 
-Performed poorly, 
-Hurt my health and relationships. 

I don't want these to happen to you or anyone else for that matter...

You may be skeptic when I just said I don't want these to happen to you... You may say, "Why would you care? You don't know me!"

That is true. I may not know you yet but I relate with you. I was there. I know how it feels. I wish I had a book like this or someone who could have told me the existence of the syndrome, and how to beat it quickly.

By the way, not just first-time leadership; everything first is always scary. And, we all have been there. It is fair if those of us who already overcame help out who are just facing these first-time experiences.

Do you remember your first driving, dating, home buying experiences? If you had the same first-time experience like mine, it was messy, to say the least :)

Your first time leadership isn't exceptional. As a new leader, if you have not yet, you will experience:
1. Fear, 
2. Anxiety, 
3. Confusion,
4. Uncertainty, 
5. Stress, and more. 

These in turn may hurt your:
1. Health, 
2. Relationships, 
3. Performance, and more... 

Of course, unless you're proactive and getting the support you need, which I'm offering to you right now...

I experienced first timer syndrome when I was a youth and a student leader in the 90s and paid dire prices that could have been avoid if I knew what I know now. 

While working for an international research organization, I was also infected by the syndrome as I managed a research team for the first time in the early 2000s. 

Similarly, I had the same pain when I opened my own business in 2010. I still remember:
1. The fear, 
2. Hesitation, 
3. Tentativeness, 
4. Anxiety, 
5. Worries, 
6. Guess works, and so on... 

In all the above 1st timer roles, I suffered from first timer syndrome, which negatively affected my:
1. Self-esteem, 
2. Health, 
3. Relationships, and  
4. Productivity. 

In each case, I was performing poorly, confused, uncertain, and questioned myself so many times. 

I don't wish any one to pass through these experiences.

Here is the truth. I shouldn’t have paid these unnecessary prices if I had a: 
1. Book that I'm offering to you for free, and 
2. Mentor or coach who knew about the syndrome and showed me on how to overcome it quickly.

On top of my own experience, I wrote this Amazon's #1 bestseller based on the experiences of my workshop attendees, mentees, and coachees.

I have been training, coaching, and mentoring new leaders for years. They articulated it differently but what they said can be summarized: 

"I had wished I've known about the existence of the syndrome sooner. I thought I was the only one suffering not realizing that other first-timers too went through the same experience. I had wished I knew how to overcome it before it caused havoc. I would have avoided paying unnecessary prices and lessened the suffering that came from taking leadership for the first time. I wish I attended a similar workshop a long time ago when I was aspiring to become a leader for the first time. I could have overcome the syndrome and avoided its negative impacts..."

I wrote this book so that you don’t need to suffer as I and the new business owners and leaders I have been empowering.

Whether you're an aspiring first-timer or a recently promoted new supervisor or manager or a new entrepreneur recently opened your business, you need my book if your desire is to make a smooth transition and excel at your new position from the get-go.

What is more? 

If you are a new author, speaker, and/or founder, you don't want to miss the accompanying bonuses. I had wished if someone shared with me these roadmaps when I: 
1. Formed my first organization; 
2. Wrote my first book; 
3. Prospected my 1st clients; 
4. Created my first funnel; and
5. Made my first high stake speech.

The checklists I'm going to share with you for free will save you tones of money, time, and energy

I spent years, and paid thousands of dollars to acquire the knowledge and condensed it in the form of checklists so that you: 
1. Throw away the guess works, 
2. Shorten the learning curve, and 
3. Save lots of money, time, and energy.

If you're a senior leader , you can use the book to coach and mentor emerging leaders in your organization.

The Book Is Jam Packed!

This bestseller book contains the same insights, models, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics I have been sharing with thousands of dollars paying clients...

Over the years, they paid me to empower their new supervisors, managers, and business owners to:
1. Overcome 1st Timer Syndrome, 
2. Make a smooth transition, and 
3. Excel in their first-time leadership roles. 
In the book, now,  you will get those latest insights, workable models and tools, practical strategies and tactics that I shared with my clients for free. 

At this point, you may be asking, what is the regular price of the book?

First of all, the content in the book is priceless. But, I made it available only for 24.99 USD on Amazon plus shipment. 

The Kindle version is 14.99 USD. Today you can get it for 1 USD. 

You don't find this deal anywhere else. DON'T MISS OUT! Get this deal before it disappears...

With this book, you:
1. Throw out the guesswork,
2. Know what to expect in your first leadership role,
3. Anticipate the obstacles you'll be facing,
4. Know how to overcome the challenges that come with a new leadership position, and
5. Have the latest management and leadership insights, models, frameworks, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics at your fingertips. And thus, you won't have to experience what myself and many first-timers who were in your place did.  

This book will:
1. Help you fully understand why the syndrome exists in the first place.
2. Assist you to recognize its symptoms and how it might have been affecting you, your performance, your team, and the larger organization.
3. Equip you to make a mindset shift quickly.
4. Support you to develop the competencies and personality traits you should cultivate to feel and act like a pro from the start...

The book provides 11 Antidotes to defeat 1st Timer Syndrome FAST:

1. Know Your Place. This antidote helps you lay the proper foundation by asking you some key questions and directing you where to find the answers so that you know yourself, your job description, the people around you, and the organization well, which in turn increases your self awareness. What you're not aware of you cannot control and manage.
2. Own Your Place. By building on Antidote 1, this antidote equips you to elevate your self-regard, overcome imposter syndrome, become assertive, and set boundaries so that you look and sound confidence from the get-go earning the respect and confidence of your team, peers, superiors, and other stakeholders. First-impression matters for your success now & your future.
3. Build Your Team. One person is too insignificant to have impact, especially a 1st timer. This antidote shows you how the lifecycle of team formation, how team dynamics work, and how to position your team members to succeed from the start. You're promoted or hired not to meet your own quota as a leader but exponentially increase the performance of your team. 
4. Communicate Effectively. The previous antidotes won't be effective without complementing them with effective communication. You will learn how to discover the communication preferences of your stakeholders and craft a strategic communication document to clearly state how you and your team communicates within and outside of itself. You will also get some tips on how to quickly develop all around and non-verbal communication, and listening abilities.
5. Deliver Results. The quickest way to beat the syndrome is to deliver outstanding results fast- it silences the inner voice and other doubters. This antidote gives you some valuable approaches and tools to set performance goals, prioritize, manage your time and energy well so as to increase the productivity of your team continually. What so ever doses of Antidote 1 - 4 you've taken, without this antidote, they are useless. Result speaks louder!!!
6. Make Timely Decisions. You're primarily promoted or hired to make decision. The whole team cannot always make decisions based on consensus. Your new leadership is tested with your ability to solve problems, which requires making quality decisions. This antidote empowers you to understand the significance of decisiveness as a new leader, the process to solve problems, sources of decision making power, and how to excel making tough decisions in the midst of conflicts and impasses.
7. Engage Your People. You can only succeed if you've an engaged team. This antidote shows you the place of motivation, how to figure out what motivates your people, how to meet their needs, appreciate and recognize their efforts and contribution to continually inspire your team. It also enables you to delegate effectively to show them you care, raise successors, and grow your team.
8. Strive for Excellence. Complacency is dangers, especially for 1st timers. The cumulative results you've got because of the previous antidotes can only be maintained if you honor excellence. This antidote explains why excellence matters for new leaders, how to achieve continuous improvements by setting and managing performance goals, giving effective feedback, and dealing with poor performance the sooner.   
9. Articulate Your Leadership Philosophy. True leaders communicate their philosophy right out of the gate. They set expectations from the get-go avoiding many problems down the road. They reveal their style of leadership, what they expect from others and what others should expect from them, what matter the most for them, and more. This antidote equips you to articulate, craft, and communicate yours.
10. Become Authentic and Credible. Leadership, especially for newbies, is a credibility business. Even if you believe that you're authentic and trustworthy, if others don't perceive you so, you're in big trouble. You'll have an uphill battle to regain the trust of others. This antidote reveals to you the crucial role of character in leadership, how and what to do to become and remain authentic, and credible.
11. Develop Yourself and Your People. You cannot lead consistently if you don't outgrow your former self. You cannot take your team to the next level unless you invest in them constantly. You reap what you sow. This antidote shows you the importance of holistic growth, how and in which areas you do need to grow yourself and your team. Plus how to take care of those vulnerable and struggling team members. 
"This Book Is Not Your Usual Management And Leadership Book...
You may be wondering how this book is different than the thousands of books out there on management and leadership.

This book isn't your usual management and leadership book. This book isn't generic and filled with theories. It:

1. Is specific and focused on how to overcome first-time leadership pitfalls.

2. Doesn't offer shortcuts and gimmicks that doesn't work in the long-term.

3. Doesn't contain shinny objects, It has workable models and tools that are very applicable.

4. Offers practical strategies and tactics that you can implement right away to see immediate results.

5. Is a handbook that guides you to make a smooth transition and excel as a new leader now and in your future first-time leadership roles. 

6. Assists you coach and mentor emerging leaders in your organization if you're a senior leader.

Don't Disappoint, Make A Great Impression From The Get-Go

...By Overcoming The Pressure That Comes From The Syndrome

Let me be clear here. This book is not for every first-timer.

This book is written for you if your desire is to:

1. Look like a pro, 

2. Confident, 

3. In charge, and

4. Up to the task from the get-go. 

The book can help you:

1. Make a great first impression so that the people who work with you believe and trust you right away.

2. Develop the right mindset and attitude to look, sound, and act confident from the start so that no one assumes, consciously or unconsciously, that you're a pushover.

3. Handle pressure and stress well.

4. Deliver quick results and convince your superiors that you're the right leader for the position right out of the gate.

5. Achieve many more positive results sooner...
"I was a victim of 1st Timer Synrome too..."
I wrote the book from my own and the experiences of the new leaders I helped...
Earlier, I mentioned that I don't want any one to suffer like I did because I relate with first timers like yourself.

Do you want to know another reason that compelled me to write the book and make it available to every first-timer who would like to beat 1st timer syndrome quickly?


I asked my self, how can I: 
1. Give a blind-eye knowing that there exists a syndrome that inflicts pain against first-timers?!
2. Be silent realizing that no body else is talking about this syndrome?!
3. Remain neutral while I have the antidotes to neutralize the syndrome from the get-go?!

I didn't know about the existence of 1st Timer Syndrome for years. 

Looking back, I was infected and tormented by it multiple times without even knowing it. As I briefly mentioned earlier, I was a first-timer when I became a:

1. Youth leader in my hometown Harar, in the eastern part of Ethiopia, in the early 90s

2. President of Addis Ababa University, the largest in my native country, students' union in the late 90s

3. Supervisor in the early 2000s working for an international research organization in Addis Ababa

4. Trainer in 2007 here in the US

5. Business owner in 2010 in Maryland, US

I came to realize the existence of the syndrome when a national seminar company asked me to facilitate a public and onsite workshops for New Supervisors and Managers. Of course, nowhere in the material they mentioned 1st timer syndrome. 

By the way, my hat off to such smart organizations that didn't throw their first-timers into deep water and watched them to see if they swim or sink. They immunized and equipped their new leaders and set them up for success from the get-go.

The more I facilitated this particular workshop and engaged with participants in and outside of the classrooms, I could see that everyone suffered from a syndrome when they were placed in a new leadership role. 

I had also conversations with senior leaders who also complained about first-time experience they were experiencing when they were placed to the next higher and new leadership role. 

Then, I began to recognize that the syndrome infects everyone regardless of seniority. The only difference is that experienced leaders can shorten the life-cycle of the syndrome, and lessen its negative impacts against their personal health and the well being of their team members, and the performance of their team compared to emerging leaders.

In the offline conversations, participants shared with me the psychological impacts of being a first-timer. They asked me advice. Some even requested me to continue to coach and mentor them. 

Then, I finally realized that there is a huge gap in the material...

Not just with that particular training company but afterward as I worked with other companies too. I could see that most training companies focus on helping first-timers to develop the skillsets necessary. I found the approach incomplete, and decided to come up with a holistic curriculum that goes beyond helping new leaders develop the necessary competencies alone. 

Finally, I decided to write a book that specifically addresses 1st timer syndrome by following a holistic approach that equip new leaders to develop:

1. The right mindset

2. The necessary skillset

3. Solid personality that enable them to overcome the syndrome quickly, make a smooth transition, and excel at their first-time leadership position.

Therefore, you don't need to suffer like I and many others did...
"You don't need to suffer like I and my participants, coachees, and mentees did..."
Click the link below, tell me where I should ship your free book and your book will be on its way. You just need to pay for shipment & handling...
Free, Just Cover The Shipment
Yes... for JUST $1, you can get the eBook and many amazing BONUSES that took me years to create... 
At this juncture, you might be asking: "Who is AZ to make these all claims so far and promise to help me?" 

That is a fair question. You don't know me yet. 

Yes, in this digital age, it is hard to differentiate the REAL DEALS from FAKES. 

But, you don't just take my words for it. Read what a few people are saying...
What people are saying about me?
"I have known AZ since 2019 and he has consistently delivered high impact speaking and facilitation engagements to diverse audiences across multiple industries. AZ is skilled at engaging audiences with storytelling, timely and relevant examples and he adapts professionally to the needs of a group. I have collaborated with AZ on numerous occasions and I can attest that he takes the time to listen and prepare for his work..."

Jeff McKinney, PhD, President - The Angkor Group 
"...get to witness firsthand his ability to engage 150+ audience and capture their undivided attention as he spoke and shared his story, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance. Fortunately, he also did a break-out session with practical solutions and actions because the attendees wanted more."

Leila Davids, Destination Sales Manager Visit Montgomery, MD

"...I was able to tune into both your opening keynote panel and breakout sessions. Your breakout presentation was very thought-provoking and motivating! There was so much invaluable content that I could not write fast enough! I felt that you used your time very wisely allowing enough time in the end for questions. You were also very engaging with the virtual audience. Thank you for your contributions and for sharing your knowledge with us!"

Carolyn A. Patterson-Kemper, M.S., CMP, DES Principal/Copywriter, CPK Writers
"After attending Dr. AZ’s session on building a pro feedback culture, I feel more equipped to help promote a positive and transparent work environment. Ensuring the needs of employees intersect with the needs of the business can be difficult, but AZ’s approach provides business leaders with methods to improve performance, while growing and developing its team members."

Jack Marti, Go Ape USA, HR Manager, SHRM-SCP

Your next question could be "How do I know whether this book worth my time even if it is FREE?"

Again, you shouldn't just take my account of the book. I'm not the only one. Read for yourself what a few among many thought leaders who endorsed the book are saying about the book...
The Book Garnered The Support Of Thought Leaders, Educators, And Consultants in The Field of Leadership
"Read What The Experts Are Saying About The Book"
These are just a few of the endorsements the book garnered...
"Get your first-time leadership role on the right foot with this excellent guide from Assegid Habtewold! With the latest leadership insights and tools and tips to make a smooth transition, you can feel confident moving into your new leadership role. A must read!" 

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There
"Dr. Assegid Habtewold's unrelenting quest to help others become better leaders is admirable. His positivity and wealth of coaching experience shines through. If you're in a first time leadership role, this book can be an invaluable guide and asset, as you navigate the leadership challenges you will inevitably face." 

Sylvia Baffour, Author, I Dare You to Care
"Dr. Assegid Habtewold does a fine job adding his voice to the conversation about emerging leadership and the 1st timer syndrome by covering the key concepts needed for success."

Eddie Turner, Preeminent Authority on Emerging Leaders (Forbes) and #6 Ranked Motivational Speaker in the World on the 2021 Global Gurus Top 30 Rankings
"This neatly organized book offers readers a guide on how to handle their first leadership position while encouraging those who still might have "1st Timer Syndrome" along a path to eliminating its effects on their lives and careers. The author provides clear, concise steps one can take to become a stronger leader right away. Instead of relying on a systematic approach that involves mastering "becoming a leader" first, the author advocates an approach that directs one to take smaller steps that lead to bigger successes, prioritizing the initial aspects of leadership and building a foundation that readers can build upon as they read the rest of the book..." 

The Book Review Directory 

"Whether you're a first-time or a seasoned leader struggling with 1st timer syndrome, this book will give you the practical tools you can use to find your intrinsic value and create even more value for those you lead." 

Dr. David Burkus, Thinker50 ranked thought leader and author of Leading From Anywhere

In whichever field you may be, the book will help you succeed as a new leader in your industry
At this point, you might wonder whether this book can specifically help you. 

You may be thinking "AZ, this book could be great for other first-timers. My situation is different. My profession is unique. I operate in a special industry. How do I know whether this book applies in my particular situation?"

I've studied and worked in diverse fields. I also partnered and empowered leaders in various industries. 

That is why I can tell you with confidence, what you will gain from this book is relevant for your field and in whichever industry you may be. 

I made sure that the book resonates with all first-timers regardless of their particular situation. What is more? I committed myself to ensure that the insights, models, frameworks, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics I shared in the book are applicable ANYWHERE. 

Let me give you a glimpse of my diverse qualifications, experiences, and networks. I:

1. Have a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a Masters in Computer Science, and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.

2. Worked for an international research institute in Ethiopia and before I came to the US in 2005 as a researcher.

3. Was a software engineer and worked for a multinational semi conductor corporation in the US.

4. Trained for national seminars, and other management and leadership consulting companies in the US and abroad.

5. Have the following certifications: A+, Project Management Professional (PMP), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0), Copywriting, and Instructional System Design (ISD).

6. Published six books, and this book I'm giving you for FREE is the latest.

7. Have been a trainer, coach, and consultant serving clients in DIVERSE industries such as government agencies, corporations, and community organizations in the US and overseas over a decade.

8. Am a member of some professional associations such as:

a) International Leadership Association,

b) Association for Talent Development,

c) National Speakers Association,

d) Project Management Institute,

e) Meeting Professionals International,

f) Toastmasters International, and

g) Society for Human Resource Management.

Before you make a decision, let me sweeten the pot even more...
When You Get Your eCopy Of "Overcoming 1st Timers Syndrome" Book (For Just $1)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Quick Implementation Webinar
How to Quickly Defeat 1st Timer Syndrome Without Waiting Months and Paying Dire Prices Against Your Health, Relationships, & Performance
Total Value: $47
It is real. It's consequential.

The syndrome can inflict you for months and even then you may not fully recover and rebound. You may never be the same again. The data shows a grim picture: "Over 60% new managers fail within the first 24 months."

Worst, it may even sabotage your chance to advance in the chain of command because you stumbled at the first leadership chance you were given.

If you're a business person, you may not last long in business. The statistic doesn't give any hope for new business owner: "About 90% of startups fail. 10% of startups fail within the first year."

This jam-packed webinar was given during the first week of the book's publication. 

In this ~60 minutes video, I shared the latest insights, practical models, tools, strategies, and tactics included in the book. 

While you’re waiting for your book to arrive, you can watch this webinar and begin tackling the syndrome right away. 
Get This For FREE When You Order My Book Today! 
Bonus #2 - Presentation On Creating A Pro Feedback Culture
How to Quickly Create a Pro Feedback Culture to Skyrocket the Performance of Your New Team to Begin Your 1st Time Leadership Role with the Right Foot
Total Value: $47
Culture is powerful. You either tap into it and leverage its power or show negligence and be eaten by it.

No wonder why Peter Drucker, the father of modern management said: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

Whether you’re just opening a new organization or being promoted to lead your new team, you want to make sure that you create the right environment that sets you for success from the start.

Don't wait years to realize the importance and power of corporate culture for soaring productivity. It doesn't matter whether you are a great leader personally, have the latest technology and systems, and world-class team members. You're screwed if you don't have a productive workplace.

Without a productive culture that encourages and facilitates exchanging performance feedback among inhabitants of the culture, you cannot continuously improve the performance of your team. You cannot make your team accountable and deal with poor performance before it becomes too late. 

As an emerging leader, the best way to lay a strong leadership foundation is for you to know how to set up a corporate or team culture where giving and receiving feedback is the norm, not a rarity. 

You're promoted to lead your team and deliver results. You cannot fulfill these mandates without making your team members accountable. If you create a pro feedback culture, your team members expect you to give them feedback. They want to know what is working and what is coming in the way. When they get feedback from you, they don't take it personal. It doesn't affect your relationship... 

This video was taken when I was facilitating a workshop for members of the Society For Human Resources Management (SHRM) members in Frederic, Maryland.
Get This For FREE When You Order My Book Today! 
Bonus #3 - Sample To Provide Effective Feedback
How to Provide Result-Oriented Feedback Effectively from the Get-go
Total Value: $27
It is great that you created a pro feedback culture.

The next logical question is how do you create uniformity and remain consistent.

To help in this regard, I came up with a sample you may customize and use it.

Continuously improving the performance of your new team and achieving extraordinary results on a consistent basis requires you to excel in providing effective performance feedback that delivers. 

More than the actual feedback you provide, how you offer it makes or breaks, and determines whether people act on your feedback or not. If you excel in providing constructive feedback, you can give tough and challenging feedback without offending and hurting the feelings of your people. 

Most importantly, your people implement your feedback and the intended results are achieved quickly. As a first-timer, this makes a huge difference in building your confidence and earning respect! It allows you to be assertive in making your team accountable plus coach them to improve their performance without waiting till the end of the year to give them performance appraisal. 

This sample feedback form shows you how it is done so that you replicate the approach with some customization.
Get This For FREE When You Order My Book Today! 
Bonus #4 - Sample Leadership Philosophy
How to Set the Tone Assertively by Sharing Your Leadership Philosophy from the Start
Total Value: $27
Not all leaders are great.

One of the differentiating factors that separate great and not so great leaders is the former are predictable.

You may not like their style, preference, and approaches but you can predict and be certain from where they're coming from. This gives you certainty and confidence to work with them, especially in times of change and crisis. 

No one wants to trust and follow a leader- regardless of how smart and competent they may be, during tough and uncertain times if they don't find them predictable.

One of the approaches I suggested in the book and explained in detail for new leaders to overcome first-time leadership pitfalls is to articulate and share their leadership philosophy right away. 

You don't need to wait years to join the ranks of great leaders. You can begin that journey NOW...

As a new leader, you should set the tone from the get-go by sharing your leadership philosophy with the people who report to you and others who work with you such as your superiors and other stakeholders so that they know what leadership means to you personally, what matters the most for you, what you expect from them, and what they should expect from you from the start. 

That way, they know and predict you very quickly, and as a result, you become authentic, credible, and trustworthy right away. 

This one-pager sample is my leadership philosophy, which helps you to articulate and come up with your own 1-pager leadership philosophy.
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Bonus #5 - Checklist to Form Your 1st or Next Organization
How to Form Your 1st or Next Organization Within A Short Period of Time and Without Wasting so Many Hours, Thousands of Dollars, and Your Other Scarce Resources
Total Value: $27
It is a daunting task to form an organization. It is not only expensive, it takes lots of time and energy.

If you don't know what you're doing, it is even be a lot more costly.

On this journey of establishing your 1st or next organization, you need a roadmap that guides you.

That is why, I'm giving you this Checklist that will help you map out and show you how to establish and run your first or next organization by throwing out the guess work, without wasting countless hours, and paying thousands of dollars to lawyers and accountant unnecessarily. 

I relate with you. I established three organizations in different industries, spent thousands of hours, and paid thousands of dollars for lawyers and accountants. 

Yes, you may still need lawyers and CPA's professional advice but you don't need to pay as they teach you understand the fundamentals and make the right choice. You can do these in your own time, and only go there when you are done your homework. 

Do you want to have this framework and be clear about where to pay attention, what to avoid, and what you should expect as you form your first or next organization? You don’t need to break your bank to pay expensive accountants and lawyers. You will figure out your options, and what you need, and come up with clear questions reducing the amount of time and money you need to spend on lawyers and CPAs.
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Bonus #6 - Checklist To Publish Your 1st Book
How to Give Your 1st or Next Book a Fighting Chance to Become a Bestseller Even if You May Think That You’re Not a Good Writer
Total Value: $27
When you publish a book, you stand out among your peers and competitors.

While other new entrepreneurs and leaders use their business cards to network and pitch to win projects and contracts, you go with your book!

Can you imagine the competitive advantage it gives you?

With the FREE checklist I’ll be giving you, you can:
1. Dramatically cut the learning curve by years.
2. Stop killing your precious time. Instead, use the time you save to spend quality time with your loved ones.
3. Prevent wasting your valuable energy and conserve it to do other things you love.
4. Avoid dispensing your hard-earned money to keep getting the same results; now, you can save money.
5. Earn the respect of your peers, friends, colleagues, and clients by becoming a bestseller.
6. Inspire many using your story and serve with your strengths and experience.
7. Generate a competitive advantage over your competitors who haven’t published yet.
8. And many more tangible and intangible benefits.

This Checklist maps out the journey for you. 

It is based on my years of experience publishing 6 books including the book I’m giving you here.

In this Checklist, you'll find major milestones you should achieve to succeed in writing, publishing, and promoting your first book. 

I spent years, paid thousands of dollars to attend workshops, pay for vendors, coaches, and mentors. 

You don’t need to spend that amount of time, thousands of dollars, and engage in trial and error. 

You can use this checklist as your roadmap to publish your first or book with a potential to make it, at least, Amazon's #1 bestseller.
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Bonus #7 - Checklist to Speak Like a Pro at Your 1st or Next High Stake Public Speech
How to Feel & Act Like a Pro When You Make Your 1st or Next High Stake Public Speech to Appear Confident, Connect, and Have Impact Even if You Have No or Little Public Speaking Experience
Total Value: $27
Surveys have show that the overwhelming majority people fear public speaking more than other scary things like torture, spider, snake, dark places...

Unfortunately, even those who overcame public speaking, many of them struggle to speak like a pro and have impact once they are on a platform.

I was there, and it took me years before I defeated the fear of public speaking, began to speak to earn, coach, train, and mentor others to speak like a pro on the stage.

It shouldn't take you as long us it took me and millions of others. You can shortcut the learning curve. 

That is why I'm giving you this Checklist, which maps out how can you rock on high stake stages like Ted Talk, Shark Tank to pitch your 1st or next idea, project, product or service with confident by connecting, and changing minds and hearts. 

I'm sharing the key milestones you need to put in place as you prepare, rehearse, perform, and handle objections and tough questions in the end. I condensed what I've learned and practiced as I and also train and coach scientists, engineers, and other domain experts helping them design and deliver high impact speeches. 

Do you want to tap into yours and the emotions of others, channel nervousness, be present, and connect with your audience at a deeper and emotional level to change minds, hearts, lives, and communities? Use this roadmap to guide you. 
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Bonus #8 - Checklist To Identify, Attract, Sell, & Retain Your 1st or Next Ideal Client
How to Excel in Branding, Marketing, Closing, Serving, & Retaining Your 1st or Next Ideal Clients Even if You're Not a Marketing Professional
Total Value: $27
Well, as a new entrepreneur or supervisor, you may not have marketing professionals to support you. You either don't have the prerogative authority or the budget to hire.

Even if you have the authority and budget, you cannot manage and lead your marketing and branding efforts effectively unless you have some background knowledge and basic skills to brand, market, close, serve, and retain your ideal clients/supporters/partners.

To attract, qualify, ascend, serve, and nurture relationships with your clients/supporters/partners, you need to have the right marketing mindset and the competencies necessary.

When you master it, you:
1. Stop wandering & begin to attract, prospect & serve the right prospects
2. Engage meaningfully
3. Sell with confidence without appearing overselling
4. Excel in handling objections
5. Close win-win deals & overdeliver
6. Nurture relationships & retain

This Checklist will give you the step-by step process to:
-Support, and Get referrals.

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Bonus #9 - Checklist To Create Your 1st Funnel
How to Create Your 1st or Next Funnel to Automate Your  Clients/Supporters/Partners Accusation Pipeline Process to Scale and Experience Quick Growth Even if You're Not a Copywriter & Tech Savvy
Total Value: $27
The old ways of marketing manually doesn't work any more.

To attract, qualify, ascend, serve, and nurture relationships with your clients/supporters/partners, you need funnels.

As a new leader or business owner, you cannot scale and grow quickly without:
1. Using copywriting that enables you to tap into the latest human psychology and neuroscience; 
2. Designing an attractive funnel that looks appealing;
3. Creating irresistible offers, pricing right, and properly ascending buyers;
3. Adopting the latest marketing apps and platforms to integrate and automate your 1st or next funnel.

This Checklist maps out the step-by-step process showing you how to:
1. Create,
2. Design,
3. Integrate,
4. Automate,
5. Launch, and
6. Launch and Deliver your 1st or next funnel.

Of course, you don't need to be a copywriter to come up with the landing pages content nor a designer and tech savvy to set up the funnel, and a sales person to promote the funnel.

However, you should know the importance of funneling to convince your supervisors or shareholders and your team. 

You should also be familiar with the fundamentals to assign or hire the right team members or freelancers. And also you need these knowledge to lead, give invaluable feedback, and make sure you get your ROI.
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  Checklist To Publish Your 1st Book                     (Value $27)
  Checklist To Rock It At Your 1st Speech             (Value $27)
  Checklist To Create Your 1st Funnel                    (Value $27)
  Checklist To Attract Your 1st Ideal Client           (Value $27)
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